This love story start when a boy was 14 year old..

He was a boy of 14 year..

Study in a small school..

but.his thinking was very high..

he tought to fly in sky..

his journey was very cool..

but a girl wana make his life fool..

he was working toward his goal..

when girl said u are my goal..

i wana your and your forever…

that boy fall in her love and forget own goal..

after 3 year when girl fall in love with else..

such boy cant take a small rest..

he became very sad..

but his sadness became his strength..

he word hard v much to get his goal..

he fly in sky..

that girl saw his sucess and make cry..

The boy said u left me it was ur mistake..

but for me it was a great oppertunity to show you to whom u lost..

so said think positive ..

Find out Your strength to avoid Your weakness…


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