A sweet Love Story

Many Love story has a beautiful ending..

but some love story creates a Amazing History..

This time I will tell you the story ..


you tell me who are the hero and heroine of the story..

He had three life i mean to say three wife..

He loved all of his three wife..

but one became his real life..

when she died, he built a Mahal specially for her memory in real life..

download (2).jpg

it takes 22 years to make and It was near to yamuna lake..

He gave so much money to labour..

but take their hand for such favor..

so that no one build that Mahal again..

People said : that was the real love which he did with his wife, say his real life..

Can you guess who was they..

If you can’t, then check the image..

hope you will guess who was they..

download (1).jpg



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